Inbound Marketing Results

We use inbound marketing to deliver truly sparkling results. Click now to see the ROI our work has generated for our clients!

 client results achieved with inbound marketing

Sparkling results

When clients place their full trust in us, we've been known to deliver results that truly shine:

Generating paid search ROAS: Return On Ad Spend

A client in the healthcare industry challenged us to generate a 250% ROAS through their paid search campaign. We've risen to the challenge every month since, and their campaign's ROAS has been as high as 619%.

Shattering CPA goals

A global leader in franchising asked us to deliver a $100 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) on paid search. In the ten months that followed the launch of our campaign, we delivered a CPA of $48.77, beating our goal by more than 50%.

Generating organic traffic

Ads drive conversions, but not every customer is ready to buy at the click of a button. When a client asked us to double its organic website traffic in only 12 months by improving their website's SEOwe delivered a 364% increase.

Outperforming expectations

A client asked us to help drive 500 entries to a philanthropic giveaway. After a major social mediadisplay, and blogging campaign, the client had nearly 6,000 entries to review - 12X their original target.

Creating social engagement

When asked to help a client grow its footprint on social media, and to drive more engagement through its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ profiles, we delivered in a big way:

4X increase in social engagement

205% increase in social followers

15,500,000 social impressions

10,300 social website referrals

43,000 social interactions

40,000 users engaged